The Wild Wild Web is Today!

I just missed it, I missed the whole thing. It had happened in the ’80s, and I got here too late. -- Marc Andreessen, Creator of »

I did opt out Facebook

About a week or two ago I did opt out of Facebook. I went to my user settings, downloaded an archive of my current content and »

Returning as a Duty

Thanks to really successfull platforms like Github or Stackoverflow, it feels like the zenith of coding culture to me. It was never such an ease to »

Why I Blog on English

Even if my name might say different: I am not a native speaker! I was born and grew up in germany. During junior highschool my english »

NSString hash is Bad

The Issue During a current customer's project, I stumbled over a noteable reliability issue of [NSString hash]. I was using a modified version of RNCachingURLProtocol for »